“A picture is a poem without words.” – Horace

Just as words and music can move me with the ebbs and flows of ideas and sound, so does a fine work of art take me to a place different from where I may be standing. When I see a beautiful car, I see a fine work of art; lines of grace so much softer than metal, paint and color that is more than mineral. Like a well done painting, there is so much more to see than the collection of its parts.

A classic car or plane tells a story that’s more than craftsmanship and mechanical skill. Each car I paint is more than just an object that performed a utilitarian function, but a true work of art. I’m privileged to be able to see poetry where others see metal, paint, leather, and rubber, and doubly so to be able to create a new work of art that is all my own, a work that is understood by the heart of those who also love classic vehicles.

The Artist

Donal D. Jolley

I’m the self-taught son of a gifted artist who seems to have inherited his father’s talents. Unfortunately, my high school art teacher left me with the impression that I’d never be able to do things “right,” so I focused on cartooning and sketching until becoming more serious about producing fine work as a form of therapy during one of my children’s major illnesses. One of my daughters was attending Georgia Tech at the time so my first automotive piece was a rendering of the “Ramblin’ Reck from Georgia Tech.”

My work seems to have been well accepted. I was the official artist of the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance for it’s first two seasons. My work has been purchased by  BMW, hang on walls of Michelin offices in the US, and are in private collections. An original was donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland to present to one of their most generous donors, a private individual also associated with one of the most highly prized collection of cars and aircraft in the United States.

In addition to my artwork, I’ve been a successful graphic designer, teacher, and am the co-author of “Beyond Digital Photography,” published by Peachpit Press. My artwork has been featured in many digital art books and publications, and I volunteered at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta where I cartooned at the bedsides of patients for many years.

Latest Paintings and News

A Truly Thoughtful Gift for the Serious Collector

One of my favorite stories about my work is that of a tough old fighter pilot who flew an F86 Sabre over Norway during the cold war. His family presented him with a painting of “his bird” for Christmas. They had waited for weeks for Christmas morning in eager anticipation of the moment, and finally the moment arrived. Seated in his old worn chair, he was given the wrapped present while the family looked on. When the paper was torn and removed and the painting was in his arms, his speechless tears spoke volumes. Each detail brought back memories and the stories poured forth throughout the day, making that Christmas a truly memorable event.

While each of my pieces is painstakingly researched for accuracy, I strive to create a work of art that allows each vehicle to tell its own story. I choose the angle of the car carefully to capture the whole personality of the car, moving around the vehicle until I “feel” I’m seeing it as it’s meant to be seen. This isn’t something that can be put into words, but is something that I recognize. Optimally I like to see the vehicle to document each detail carefully and spend some time circling and examining the lines and angles, but somethings that’s not possible. Each car has its own personality that is more than the composite of color, shape, and shine. It is this personality that the collector understands, and what makes each piece I create so special to those who own them.

If you’d like to commission a piece, please call me or use the contact page to send me a message.

Are you looking for my graphic design site and portfolio? That’s here!

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